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The impressive mens Pea coat

The name has nothing to do with the vegetable “pea”.  A pea coat is the term used to refer to the over coat worn by men. It traces its origin to the over coat worn by sailors of the European and American navies. What is a Pea coat? The pea ...

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Award-winning green coat

I am a fashion designer by profession and I keep on designing new themes and new clothes with every changing season. This time all the designers were given a project to showcase their themes using one specific color and I use green. Why I use green? Green color is not ...

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Fur coats for cool climates and countries

Accessories made from furs such as fur coats, fur boots and fur shawls have been renowned to keep body warm and cozy. Existence of fur is approximately as old as mankind. Primitive Homo sapiens who lived in caves, lit fire with rubbing of stones used to cover themselves with animal ...

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Step out in style with the maternity winter coat

During the winter season most of the fashion is the warm clothing and as a pregnant woman, this may be frustrating. Even though the different clothes may not suit you, you can still find the right design for you. One thing that will make you feel warm and stylish is ...

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Elegant Long Coats For Women

The winter dresses must be elegantly made up. The winter coats are mostly made up leather and wool material. These fabrics are mostly used to make up the winter coats because these fabrics have a great quality of trapping air inside them and keep the body warm from the external ...

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